The Vanguard of Dentistry: Form an Alliance with Intelident, the Dental Partnership Organization (DPO) Focused on Technology and Industry Leadership

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Join Intelident, a dental partnership organization, and grow your practice through our wide referral network. Benefit from our resources, capital, and advanced technology while maintaining autonomy and your legacy.

By leveraging our cutting-edge technology and resources, we provide our partner practices with the tools they need to streamline operations, enhance patient experiences, and drive practice growth. From advanced practice management systems to innovative marketing strategies, we empower our dentists to stay at the forefront of the industry.

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Benefit from the Collective Expertise and Resources of a Partnership Practice, while Maintaining the Unique Character of Your Practice


Join Our Patient-Centric Mission to Deliver Exceptional Dental Care through Strategic Alliances

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Strategic Alliances

At our core, we believe that exceptional dental care is rooted in patient-centricity. We put our patients at the center of everything we do, and our strategic alliances reflect this commitment. By forging partnerships with like-minded dental professionals and organizations, we're shaping the future of dentistry and ensuring that our patients receive the best possible care. Join us in our mission to revolutionize dental care and elevate the patient experience to new heights through strategic alliances.

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Best of Both Worlds

We understand the value of your practice's legacy and tradition. We believe in preserving what makes your practice unique. Your practice, including its name and autonomy, will remain intact. Our team of experts will take care of everything from human resources to marketing and information technology. With our support, you can grow your practice and elevate your career to the next level while preserving your autonomy and culture. We embrace the collaborative nature of our alliance, where your expertise and vision blend seamlessly with Intelident's resources.

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Optimize Your Practice’s Potential with Intelident’s Comprehensive Business Management, Support, and Growth Solutions

Join Our Strategic Alliance

Dental Professionals Wanted

We are actively seeking dental professionals in the following states to join our network:

  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Texas
  • Alabama
  • Tennessee
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina

By joining us, you'll have the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded professionals, share best practices, and elevate the standard of dental care in your community. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the oral health of our patients. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity - join our strategic alliance today!

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