Optimize Your Practices Potential with Intelident’s Comprehensive Recruiting Solutions



Intelident’s suite of talent acquisition tools can help dental practices improve their hiring outcomes, increase efficiency, and make more informed decisions about their recruiting strategies.

By using Intelident, practices can streamline their hiring processes and find the right candidates to help grow their business.


Online job postings
Dental practices can post job openings online and reach a wider pool of candidates.

Applicant tracking
Intelident's platform allows practices to track applicants throughout the hiring process and manage candidate communications.

Automated workflows
Intelident's suite includes automation tools that can help streamline hiring workflows and reduce administrative tasks.

Reporting and analytics
Intelident provides data and analytics on recruiting metrics, such as time-to-fill and cost-per-hire, that can help practices optimize their hiring processes.

Candidate screening
Intelident’s platform includes tools for candidate screening, such as pre-employment assessments and background checks, to help practices identify the most qualified candidates.

Collaborative hiring
Intelident’s suite allows for collaborative hiring, with features like team feedback and interview scheduling, to help practices involve multiple stakeholders in the hiring process and make better hiring decisions.


Improved hiring outcomes
By using a comprehensive talent acquisition suite like Intelident, dental practices can improve their hiring outcomes and fill positions more quickly.

Increased efficiency
By automating tasks like candidate communications and workflows, practices can save time and reduce administrative costs.

Better data-driven decision making
By using Intelident's reporting and analytics, practices can make more informed decisions about their hiring processes and optimize their recruiting strategies.

Customizable solutions
Intelident’s customizable solutions can be tailored to the unique needs of each practice, ensuring that practices get the most out of the platform.

Better candidate fit
By using candidate screening tools and involving multiple stakeholders in the hiring process, practices can find candidates who are not only qualified but also a good fit for their practice.

Competitive advantage
By using a comprehensive talent acquisition suite, dental practices can gain a competitive advantage in the job market and attract top talent to their practice.


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