Partnering with Dentists for Shared Success:
Trust, Respect, and Collaboration with Intelident

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Thriving Dental Practice and Career

Discover the power of joining Intelident, a renowned dental partnership organization. We partner with dentists to achieve shared goals built on trust and respect. Expand your practice through our extensive referral network while enjoying the advantages of accessing our abundant resources, capital, and advanced technology. You will have the autonomy to maintain ownership and control over your practice.

Experience the transformation as we equip our partner practices with state-of-the-art tools and resources. Our cutting-edge technology streamlines operations, elevates patient experiences, and fuels practice growth. From advanced practice management systems to innovative marketing strategies, we empower our dentists to lead the industry.

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Elevate Your Dental Practice with Patient-Centric Care and Strategic Support from Our Team

Strategic Support in the Dental Industry

At our core, we value exceptional patient-centric care and are committed to supporting dental professionals who share our passion. With the aid of our top-tier support and resources, our strategic partners can preserve their unique brand and identity while realizing a better quality of life defined by patient care.

We believe in strong partnerships between dentists and their support teams and provide non-clinical operations management, financial planning, marketing, and technology services to help dentists focus on what they do best.

Experience the benefits of our top-tier support, resources, and expertise.

strategic support

Achieve Happiness and Success with Our Innovative Dental Support Model

be happy

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Our innovative support model empowers strategic partners to remain at the forefront of clinical practice and make independent treatment decisions while our team handles non-clinical responsibilities. With reduced distractions and improved operational efficiency, our dentists can focus on delivering exceptional patient-centric care and realize an improved quality of life.

Our comprehensive support services, including operations management, financial planning, marketing, and technology, enable our partners to thrive and promote happier, healthier patients.

Experience the happiness and success you deserve.

Supercharge Your Dental Practice's Growth with Intelident's Comprehensive Marketing Solution

Boost Your Dental Practice

Intelident offers comprehensive marketing services to help dental practices improve their online visibility and attract more patients. With traditional and digital marketing campaigns, public relations services, and website design, Intelident can help practices create visually appealing designs, produce high-quality photos and videos, and improve their search engine ranking.

By using Intelident’s cost-effective advertising strategies, practices can increase brand awareness, generate more leads, and improve customer engagement. With detailed analytics and reporting, dental practices can track their marketing campaigns and make data-driven decisions.

Take your practice to new heights with Intelident's marketing expertise.

marketing support

Streamline Your Dental Practice Hiring Process with Intelident’s Comprehensive Talent Acquisition Suite


Transform Your Dental Practice Hiring

Intelident’s talent acquisition tools streamline dental practice hiring, with online job postings, applicant tracking, and automated workflows. Reporting and analytics provide data-driven decision-making, while candidate screening and collaborative hiring features help practices find qualified candidates and make better hiring decisions.

Upgrade your hiring process with Intelident's talent acquisition tools.

Revolutionize Revenue Cycle Management for Dental Practices with Intelident’s Intelligent Automation Solutions

Revenue Cycle Automations

Intelident’s intelligent automation solutions revolutionize revenue cycle management for dental practices by automating up to 95% of repetitive manual tasks, saving time and reducing costs. With over 1,000 pre-built robots and integration with any software, practices can streamline financial processes and improve efficiency.

The platform includes real-time analytics tools to track key revenue cycle metrics and make data-driven decisions. Intelident’s solutions are scalable and improve patient experience with faster and more accurate billing and insurance claims.

Elevate your revenue cycle management with Intelident's innovative automation solutions.


Enhance Patient Experience with Intelident’s AI-Powered Call Center Solution for Dental Practices

call center

Optimize Dental Customer Service

Intelident's call center solution offers dental practices an AI-powered platform for automated customer service and support. Its natural language processing capabilities allow it to understand and respond to patient inquiries in a conversational manner, enhancing the patient experience. With multilingual support and integration with EHR and practice management systems, Intelident's platform provides seamless communication and data sharing across different systems.

By using Intelident's conversational AI platform, dental practices can provide faster and more accurate customer service and support, improving overall patient experience. Its automation capabilities can help dental practices save time and reduce costs associated with manual tasks such as appointment scheduling and billing inquiries.

Unleash the power of conversational AI.

Intelident’s Cloud-Based ERP Solutions Simplify Dental Practice Finances

Transform Your Practice Finances

Intelident offers a cloud-based ERP/Financials solution for dental practices to manage financial processes, such as accounts receivable and payable, billing, and invoicing. Its integrated solutions streamline financial, patient relationship, and ecommerce processes, improving overall efficiency and offering a better patient experience.

The platform is scalable and can be integrated with other software used by dental practices, reducing costs and the need for IT staff. Intelident’s integration capabilities connect different systems and data sources, improving overall data accuracy and accessibility for data-driven decisions.

Take full control of your financial management and propel your practice forward.


Ensure Provider Qualifications and Compliance with Intelident’s NCQA-Certified Credentialing Solutions


Streamline Provider Management

Intelident offers NCQA-certified credentialing services for initial and re-credentialing, expirables management, and sanctions monitoring. Its team of industry veterans provides dental practices access to provider competency, while its resource library offers industry trends and best practices on credentialing.

With Intelident's solutions, dental practices can enhance provider management, maintain data transparency and security, and achieve cost savings. Intelident's solutions play a crucial role in ensuring provider qualifications and compliance, empowering practices to focus on delivering high-quality care to patients.

Optimize your practice's operations, provider management, and patient care.

Save on Dental Supplies and Equipment with Intelident’s Buying Network

Save Time and Money on Dental Supplies

Intelident's buying network offers dental practices a wide range of supplies and equipment at competitive prices, including dental instruments, power toothbrushes, and office supplies, with convenient online ordering and fast delivery.

By using Intelident, practices can save money and benefit from discounts through purchasing power and partnerships with suppliers. Intelident's customer support is also available to help with any issues related to orders.

Maximize your savings and efficiency with Intelident's buying network.

revenue management

Transform Your Dental Practice with Intelident's Streamlined IT Services

Secure and Simplify

Secure and Simplify

Intelident offers comprehensive information technology services to dental practices, including network and system administration, technical support, cybersecurity, custom software development, and data management.

These services can help practices improve productivity, enhance security, and reduce costs. With Intelident’s technology solutions, dental practices can streamline operations, simplify processes, and scale their systems to support growth and expansion.

Experience the difference of Intelident's cutting-edge IT services.

Ensure Continuity of Care with InteliDentistry's Remote Solutions

Revolutionizing Dental Care

InteliDentistry revolutionizes dental care with remote solutions, providing better access to care, improved patient outcomes, and cost savings. Patients enjoy convenience and reduced wait times, while dental practices increase efficiency and profitability.

Achieve a better work-life balance with expanded hours and remote consultations. No more dark offices when dentists take vacation time.

Experience the future of dentistry with InteliDentistry.

revolutionizing dental care

Simplify HR, Payroll, and Benefits: InteliDent's Customized Software Solutions for Dental Practices


Improving Efficiency and Compliance

InteliDent offers customized software solutions for dental practices, streamlining HR, payroll, and benefits processes to improve efficiency and ensure HR compliance. With automated features for onboarding, time tracking, performance management, benefits administration, payroll calculations, and tax withholdings, InteliDent's software reduces administrative burdens, saves time, and eliminates errors.

InteliDent's software solutions provide a user-friendly platform for managing employee benefits enrollment and eligibility, which helps promote employee satisfaction and engagement. Dental practices can prioritize excellent patient care while simultaneously streamlining administrative tasks and ensuring compliance.

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