Optimize Your Practice’s Potential with Intelident’s Comprehensive Information Technology Solutions


Information Technology

Intelident is a valuable asset for any dental practice, providing critical support for computer systems, software, and data management.

By having Intelident, dental practices can benefit from increased productivity, improved security, cost savings, custom solutions, and scalability, all of which can help drive practice success and growth.


Network and system administration
Intelident can manage and maintain the dental practice’s network and computer systems, ensuring they are secure, reliable, and efficient.

Help desk and technical support
Intelident provides technical support and troubleshooting to employees and users who encounter problems with their computer systems or software.

Intelident can protect the practice’s computer systems and data from cyber threats such as hacking, viruses, and malware.

Software development
Intelident can develop custom software applications to support the practice’s specific business needs.

Data management
Intelident manages the practice’s data, including storage, backup, and recovery.


Increased productivity
By ensuring that computer systems and software are reliable and efficient, Intelident can help employees work more productively and efficiently.

Improved security
Intelident can help protect the practices’s computer systems and data from cyber threats, reducing the risk of data breaches and other security incidents.

Cost savings
Intelident can help practices save money by identifying and implementing cost-effective technology solutions and reducing the need for manual processes.

Custom solutions
Intelident can develop custom software applications to support the practices’s specific business needs, improving efficiency and productivity.

Intelident can help practice’s scale their technology infrastructure and systems to support growth and expansion.


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